• The Daniel Wellington Effect - Rebirth of the Classic Watch
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The Daniel Wellington Effect - Rebirth of the Classic Watch

The Daniel Wellington Effect - Rebirth of the Classic Watch

The rebirth of the Classic Watch Style

The minimalist and elegant trend can be directly attributed to Daniel Wellington’s recent phenomenal marketing campaign. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here. He has reinvigorated the demand for the simple gold coloured dress watch, more precisely, the black/white face with stick or roman numeral hour markers. There has always been a niche group of collectors for the vintage Patek Calatravas, Vacherons and Audemars Piguets, although, DW has brought this elegant style to the masses.

Instagram @danielwellington

@danielwellington, Instagram

The Daniel Wellington Instagram (social media) account @danielwellington is used as a model example for almost every up and coming brand. He uses an array of lifestyle pictures depicting great sceneries, delectable but simple food, cute animals and the odd product placement. While we do applaud his marketing accomplishments and think his watches are very aesthetically pleasing, we will tell the story of true vintage classic watches and their place in today’s men’s fashion.

International Watch Company Schaffhausen 18k Gold - Daisy Exclusive - Montreal Westmount

IWC, Schaffhausen 18k gold Automatic - Daisy Exclusive Estate Collection

We have noticed the average millennial buyer is not as concerned about the watch’s movement as were prior generations. The last decade has seen the rise of battery and solar electric technology which, in our mind, has weakened the negative attitude towards the quartz movements. This aside, the amount of work required to properly design and assemble a mechanical watch is astounding. We will not go into depth in this matter but if you are interested it is worth diving into. The story alone is enough to retain value in these timeless watches but as we take a closer look we realise the materials strengthen the argument even more.

Certina 18k gold Automatic - Daisy Exclusive - Montreal, Westmount

Certina 18k gold Automatic - Daisy Exclusive Estate Collection

In the 50’s, 60’s and beginning of the 70’s, the price of gold was less than $50USD an ounce. At these prices, 14k and 18k gold was the standard. Stainless steel was used for kitchen sinks and gold-plated was considered low quality. All brand value aside, these watches retain significant intrinsic value on gold weight alone. For example, an average generic stainless steel watch from the late 60’s has virtually no resale value today whereas a 14k gold watch by a common maker can still command $300 to $1500 from gold weight.

Additionally, great branding can turn some of these classic watches into extremely sought after time pieces. Patek Phillippe’s Calatrava is a fabulous rare specimen and the resale prices confirm this. Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet’s Edouard Piquet models are great classic watches which never seem to go out of style.

14K MOVADO ZENITH WATCH - Daisy Exclusive - Montreal, Westmount

Movado Zenith 14k Automatic - Daisy Exclusive Estate Collection

At the end of the day, we are all watch lovers. If you want to go buy the $200 vintage looking quartz watch, go for it. Just keep it in the back of your mind, saving a couple dollars here and there can allow you to be the proud owner of a true classic.

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  • Auteur de l'article
    Jeff Pollock

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